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your intuition is your superpower

Have you ever had a feeling so strong, so powerful that you knew it was the absolute truth....and then ignored it? 


You told yourself all of the reasons you couldn't or shouldn't believe in it - in yourself.

It's not practical, it doesn't make sense, it's not logical.  

You told yourself to stop being silly.


Get your head out of the clouds and into reality.

Yet, you wondered why, day after day, you kept feeling so empty.


Here's the thing - you don't need my permission to step into the beautifully aligned person who exists inside of you.

But you do need your own.


This course is the container with which you will let go of all the doubts, fears and beliefs that have been holding you back until this point. 

If you're here today, reading this page, you're ready to stop playing it safe.

You're ready to see what you're truly capable of when you stop holding yourself back.  

You're ready to witness the magnificence of who you actually are.

I couldn't be more excited to hold this space for you.

This is the container for your transformation.

In YIIYS, you will:

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition and trust the voice of your higher self.

  • Let go of the fear and beliefs that no longer serve you.

  • Develop your connection with divine guidance for inspiration, continual support, and encouragement.

  • Create a sacred vision for yourself based on the truest desires of your soul and call it into existence.

  • Watch as miracles begin unfolding in your life.

In this four-week course, you get:

  • Four video trainings - these might blow your mind.

  • Weekly journal prompts to dive deep into the course material and watch as beliefs and fears are realized and released.

  • A private Facebook group for accountability with your other course mates and myself.

Investment - $222 ($̶3̶9̶7̶)


I've created some amazing bonus trainings that will be available as soon as you sign up for the course.  This content is designed to elevate your mindset from the get-go and get you vibing high. Trust me - you will LOVE this.


I've taken quite a few online courses myself, and honestly, I was always a little bummed out that you didn't get more access to the course creator outside of a Facebook group.


That's why I've decided to offer two 30-min personal coaching sessions with me as an additional bonus.

I want to be a resource for you as you're going through the material, uncovering unconscious beliefs, and help you release them - for good.

Are you in?!

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