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Reverie Birth - Birth Doula Support

The Full Story

As I was moving through my own pregnancy earlier this year, I started to feel like the way I’d been conditioned to think about giving birth (ie. the dramatic movie/TV show depiction of birth that starts off with the woman’s water breaking) wasn’t actually right fo.  I remembered how - when I was in college - I took a class on childbirth in indigenous cultures, and that’s when it started to click in that there was a different way to birth our babies. 


A way that emphasized trust in our bodies and in our intuitive abilities to birth life into the world.


And so I got to reading and educating myself on what happens in childbirth - physically, mentally & emotionally - and this is what became clear to me:


Over time, women have become disempowered around one of the most powerful gifts they have within them.


Giving birth had shifted from an empowering act of the woman, to something that needed to be managed by others outside of her.


This is what made me inspired to become a birth doula.  


I want to help you create the birth experience you envision for yourself, whether that’s at home, in a birthing center, at a hospital, with a midwife, with an OB/GYN - it’s all up to you.  As it should be.  


I’m here to help guide you along the way, help you feel safe, be your advocate and have a birth experience you look back on with joy.

Let’s Work Together

Birth Doula Package


My birth doula package includes:

  • Two prenatal visits (one at 28 weeks & one at 36 weeks) to discuss your pregnancy, understand your birth preferences, talk through different comfort measures and positions and create your ideal birth plan.

  • Physical & emotional support during your birth at the beginning of Active Labor until up to 2 hours post-birth.

  • Assist with lactation if desired.

  • One postpartum visit to check in on you and baby and help support you through this life-changing transition.


Investment in Doula Support: $888*

*The first 50% is due at contract signing with the final 50% due by the 36 week prenatal appointment.

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