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How Hypnosis Can Help You Upgrade Your Money Mindset

Hello Lovely,

Odds are, if you found yourself here you're ready to start believing in some new possibilities for yourself around money.

Maybe you've read some books on money mindset.

Or maybe you've said all the affirmations.

Lit all the abundance candles.

Written all of the intentions.

And yet.... you still find yourself falling back into your old habits and old mindsets around money.

Usually involving - how much you can make, how much you can save, judgements on whether you're "good" or "bad" with money, how much OTHER people are making, and why that could never be possible for you.

Is this starting to sound hauntingly familiar?

The GREAT news is - hypnosis can help you with this by creating new neural pathways (aka wiring new beliefs and habits around money) so that your brain stops going down the same bleak thought pathways, and instead starts trotting happily down the newly established Abundance Lane, feeling ready and worthy to receive.

How does this happen and how can hypnosis help, you ask?

Because every day, unconsciously - we tell ourselves the same stories. Stories that have been created by memories and experiences we've had throughout our lives. These stories are associated with a feeling, and what our brains like to do is associate experiences and events in our lives that have elicited the same feelings, looping them all together in a nice neat stack of evidence that serves to confirm these stories.

The more these beliefs and stories are imprinted as neural pathways within our brains, the deeper we dig ourselves into holes of our own making - believing the same old stories over and over again.

Before you start to despair - don't! We CAN dig ourselves out of these holes, and we can do this by working with a hypnosis practitioner to re-examine the memories that created these beliefs in the first place and change the meaning you extracted all those years ago.

This is able to happen through a process called memory reconsolidation which basically just means that each time we recall a memory - we change it. It doesn't matter if we mean to or not, it just happens. And as a fun side note, your brain doesn't know the difference between a memory or an imagined event.

So knowing that we have the capability to change our memories and change how we feel when we think about those memories, you can see how this then allows us to change the meanings and beliefs we created around them.

Meaning - you can change your mind and your habits around anything - even money.

Especially money.

Revising your money beliefs to support the life you wish to create for yourself and wiring in feelings of abundance and worthiness into your felt experience, versus feelings of scarcity and lack.

If this is something that sounds wonderful and magical to you, I get it! It IS wonderful and magical.

And if you're interested in a session to ReWire Your Wealth mindset, I'm offering a Black Friday special for $88! You can sign up for your session here.

If you'd like to learn more about hypnosis or how to change any other habits using hypnosis, please reach out to me at

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