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Have you ever been so inspired, so LIT UP to create real change in your life, only to lose that inspiration nearly as quickly as it came? Or talk yourself out of whatever seemed SO clear to you only a few days or few weeks before?

YEP - me too.

When it comes to manifesting the life of your dreams or the love of your life or the money or business or impact you truly desire to create, it takes consistency of belief in yourself + your vision.  It takes you showing up and believing in yourself even when it feels like nothing is happening.  It takes certainty that it is inevitable for you.


And it can feel really lonely - and really isolating.

This is the biggest thing I see all the time with my 1-1 clients.  They get clear on exactly what they desire to experience, but when "real life" comes back into the picture (aka day jobs, husbands, partners, friends, family - who don't understand what or why you're trying to make changes), the doubt creeps in.  The fear that maybe you can't actually do this.  

Maybe life is just better the way it is.  Maybe this was a bad idea. I'm probably crazy to believe in myself.  It's never going to happen anyway, right?


Want to know what the real SECRET SAUCE is to manifesting the desires of your heart?

Support + Community.

This is the exact reason I created the Abundance Accelerator


So that women have a place to gather:

  • to share when these little pieces of our ego come in and want to keep us safe by doing the same old thing we've always done

  • to celebrate the big + small wins we have on a daily basis

  • to witness each other through the struggles + the triumphs

  • to cheer each other on 

  • to have a community of women all amplifying the energy of each other AND THIS, it when some truly magical epic-ness happens.  


When you come together and speak out you desires in a group where everyone is holding the vision not only for themselves, but for each other?


The Abundance Accelerator is a 28-day container with four live calls, one 60-90min call weekly, where each call will correspond with a major Moon phase (Full Moon, Waning Moon, New Moon + Waxing Moon).  This allows us to harness not only the divine power within each of us, but also the power of the Moon cycles.


Full Moon:

Inner Child Healing + Emotional Intelligence

Identification of Existing Belief Systems

Waning Moon:

Cord Cutting + Releasing of Old Belief Systems

New Moon:

New Moon Declaration Ceremony: What is being called in? 

Waxing Moon:

Grounding into Certainty + Anchoring Group Hypnosis

Establishing Personalized Rituals 

Each week, you'll receive tools to help you dig deeper into each theme.  You'll have a private community in which to share + celebrate and ask any questions that may come up during our 28 days together.

Here is your invitation. I'd love for you to join us!

Early Bird Paid In Full - $222

PIF Bonus! Receive a Magic of Intention jewelry item + one 60-min 1-1 session


Early Bird Payment Plan - $111 up front, and $111 before the program begins


DIVE DEEP with three personalized 60-min, 1-1 sessions

Deep Dive Paid In Full - $555 

PIF BONUS! Receive a Magic of Intention jewelry item + additional 60-min 1-1 session


Deep Dive Payment Plan - $222 up front, followed by 3 payments of $111/weekly

The container begins Wednesday, February 16th - I can't wait to see you in there!



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